We sing and play traditional music from around the world across the centuries on ancient and modern instruments. Some of these are copies of 16thC instruments which we have used since our days in the Renaissance big band The Norwich Waites.

We encourage our audiences to join with us in the lively chorus songs and clap along in the jigs and reels. We enjoy sharing humorous tales and anecdotes and are very willing to talk about the instruments that we use to play during our performances. We have fun with our music. it has been known for Morris Dancers to leap up and join us.

Our musical influences and experience span many years. We devise our performances using sounds from past and present, both played and spoken. We blend folk tunes with early and traditional music. Medieval dances rub shoulders with Victorian ballads. Lively sea shanties and traditional chorus songs are serves up with foot tapping jigs and feels. We play catchy tunes, new arrangements of old favourites and some of our own inventions.