Merrily Danced the Quaker’s Wife (live) Sir Eglamore Morston Mirage John Barleycorn Volte – 16thC dance Si bheag, si mhor (live) New York Girls

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We sing and play traditional music from around the world and across the centuries on numerous ancient and modern instruments. We also write our own music on the theme of East Anglian heroes and legends.

We invite our audiences to join with us in the lively chorus songs and clap along to foot tapping tunes. We enjoy sharing humorous tales and anecdotes and are very willing to talk about the many instruments that we play during our performances. Whether it be a concert, informative presentation or party entertainment we offer a lively, fun filled experience

Our musical influences and experience span many years. We have performed at venues around the country and abroad, playing early music, jazz, classical and folk music. We blend sounds from the past and present, both played and spoken. Medieval dances rub shoulders with Victorian ballads. Lively sea shanties and traditional chorus songs are served up along side our own tunes.